Does Homeowners Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Your house is one of your biggest investments, so it’s not fun to think about how it can wiped out in a matter of minutes. You want to make sure that your insurance will pay for a new roof. Whether it is a tree falling, rodents and squirrels getting into the home, windstorm or hail storm; it is important to make sure you’re covered when disaster strikes. However, when it comes to roof damage, the lines can get a little blurry, making it unclear whether or not insurance will pay for your new roof should you need it.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

In many instances, homeowners insurance will pay for a new roof if it is damaged by an extreme weather event, but will not cover the costs for natural wear and tear. Each situation is unique, and there isn’t necessarily a one- size- fits – all answer as to whether insurance will cover a new roof.

Roof insurance is part of your homeowners insurance and covers your roof in case where it is damaged to the point that it needs major repair or even a replacement. This mainly includes roof damage caused by reasons outside of the homeowner’s control, such as a fire or vandalism.

According to many insurance companies, damage from extreme weather or “acts of God” including hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms and hail storms.

Insurance companies don’t often want to pay up on their claims, much less have multiple claims to pay in the same area at once. When hail and wind come through an area, the damage is widespread and many homes would likely be affected.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

In most cases, homeowners insurance will cover roof leaks if the leak was caused by a circumstance that’s covered in your policy and the damage caused was sudden. Damage that has accumulated over time is often denied coverage when a claim is filed.

It’s important to understand that proving that cause of the leak can be a difficult and contentious process- what the homeowner considers a sudden event may be perceived as a result of neglect by the claims inspector.

Double checking your policy to remind yourself what is and isn’t covered at least once a year is always a good practice to help prevent unpleasant surprises that can make a bad situation even worse.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof if it’s Just a Maintenance Issue?

A lot of time, the answer is no.

Not all roof insurance covers all roofing needs. There are many other factors at play.

For example, if you have an older roof, say more than 20 years old, insurance companies generally consider those roofs to be past in their life expectancy and could choose to reimburse only a portion of any repairs or replacement- or nothing at all.

Limitations of Roof Insurance Coverage

Many possible policy exclusions, include improper maintenance, neglect or old age. If you didn’t keep up with your regular roof maintenance or tried DIY- it instead of calling a pro, many insurance companies will deny your claim.

The use of certain expensive roofing materials like slate or recycled shake shingles, roofs with more than two layers of roofing material, and even your home’s geographic location can also affect whether an insurer will cover a roof claim.

Tips for Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

To begin the process, call your insurance company so that they can inspect your roof to determine if damage has occurred. They can then give you an estimate for your roof insurance claim.

Be sure to gather up as many documents as you can before you call your insurance company.

A copy of your current home insurance policy, any home inspection reports, receipts for any roof work you’ve done and before- and- after photos of any damage that has occurred are all helpful in easing the claim process.

Other Financing Options

One alternative financing option for repairing or replacing your roof is out-of-pocket payment, although not everyone can afford to put down a large sum all at once.

Another option is company financing. Shield Roofing who is a roofing contractor in San Antonio has secure and convenient financing that fits ever homeowner’s budget with multiple payment options. We work with over 30 lenders and can even work with credit scores as low as 500. Our lenders offer easy applications and fast approvals in case emergency repairs are necessary.

Signs of Damage That May Indicate You Need a Roof Replacement

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should perform a regular roof inspection twice a year- once in the spring and once in the fall- to diagnose potential problems early. Homeowners should also inspect their roof after any major storm or weather event to make sure everything is still where it needs to be. As a San Antonio roofing company, we offer FREE INSPECTIONS due to wind storms or hail storms. We offer affordable inspections for semi- annual roof inspections and we provide FREE Estimates.

Here’s what you should be looking for:

Did You Get Hit by a Recent Storm?

Shield Roofing is a leading company for roofing in San Antonio. We will work with you and your insurance company to help make your roof replacement or repair as smooth and painless as possible. Call a San Antonio roofing company you can trust to bring you the peace of mind.

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