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San Antonio Metal Roofing

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Shield Roofing is San Antonio’s premier metal roofing contractor. We have installed, repaired and re-roofed metal roofs all over the city of San Antonio. Metal roofing is a striking long lasting addition to your home that looks wonderful and provides long lasting protection against all the elements. Shield Roofing’s expertise is unmatched when it comes to the installation and repair of metal roofs. Make sure to call us today so that we can go over the benefits of a metal roof with you and your family.

Key Benefits of Metal Roofs :

– Metal Roofs are rust resistant, they are made of aluminum which is light weight and extremely durable. (aluminum is used in aircraft)

-Metal Roofs are more energy efficient due to their reflection capabilities. These type of roofs tend to bounce off the suns rays to help keep your energy costs down and to keep your house cooler.

– Metal Roofs are so durable that a single investment into a metal roof can last you upwards of 50 years!

– Metal Roofing is extremely desired due to its wonderful aesthetic qualities and multiple color and texture options. The possibilities are endless.

-Metal Roofing is wind and hail resistant and will not fly off like a shingle in the event of extreme weather.

-Metal Roofing is the most low maintenance of all the roofs requiring little if any maintenance to maintain its structural integrity and long lasting beauty.

-Metal Roofs have much longer extended warranties than shingle roofing.


“Excellent Value, Excellent Quality, and Exceptional Customer Service”

Stephanie & William Bennett - Kerville

” Fantastic roofing job at an affordable price. We used Shield Roofing as our primary contractor when we installed our new metal roof for our new house. These guys are dependable, honest and downright friendly. Recommended A+”

Robert Martinez - Alamo Heights

“I couldn’t have asked for better service! Shield Roofing went out of their way to handle all of my insurance claims when we needed a new roof, their roofers were always on time and finished the roof to my hail damaged house in no time at all! I definitely recommend Shield Roofing if you are ever in need of an honest roofing contractor in the San Antonio Texas Area.”

Mark & Cindy Vargas - Stone Oak

“Fantastic work at a great price. On time, took the time to help me understand the insurance claim process and delivered results. I will use you again and recommend to anyone who may need a new roof or repair.”

Keith Harris - Shavano Park