The following are reasons that you need to replace your roof. If you have any of these problems showing up call or email us today to schedule an appointment. Missing shingles, curled shingles and cracked shingles. Leaking or water stains in the attic after raining. Water staining on walls or ceilings inside your home and very high energy bills.

Shield Roofing knows that your time is valuable therefore we insure speedy professional work. Our typical timeframes are as follows. For metal roofs and roofing our average start to finish time is 3-4 days. For shingle roofs and roofing our average start to finish time is 1-2 days. We are here to provide speedy quality work.

Shield Roofing’s expert staff will provide insurance assistance to any roof you may believe to be damaged. We will review your insurance policy, document all damage and value the loss, strategize for maximum insurance recovery, Prove and negotiate claims with your insurance company and conduct an on-site inspection with the adjustor of your insurance company. We are here to help and guide you through the process. Contact us today for insurance assistance for your roof.

Prices of new roofs vary by contractor, labor costs, and the square footage of the roof itself. Materials will also be a factor of price. Metal roofs are typically more expensive than shingle roofs. Another factor is the grade of shingle that will be used and its subsequent price. There are many factors that can affect the pricing of a new roof therefore we suggest getting in touch with us at Shield Roofing so that we can give you the most affordable options at the best price. Contact us today for a Free Estimate and to see our samples.

Shield Roofing is a veteran in the roofing industry, we have been providing the highest quality roofing services to San Antonio, Texas for many years. Our commitment to excellence is founded on the principle that we know that your home is your biggest investment and we understand that quality, excellent craftsmanship and durability are your priorities when choosing us. Our service is unmatched and our quality is unprecedented. Shield Roofing is the best in the industry trust us with your roofing needs

There are exceptions to having the roof totally replaced and we have multiple options to stop leaks. Leaks typically happen when flashings have loosened over time or when there are sections of your roof that have become damaged due to weather or other circumstances. A total roof failure is a result of inappropriate installation by a prior contractor or cheap materials. This will usually result in having the entire roof needing replacement. Contact us for a free roof inspection.

How long a roof lasts is based on a variety of factors. Weather, preventative maintenance and materials used. Typically shingles can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Wooden Shingles 10 to 30 years and metal roofs anywhere from 15 to 50 years! Manufacturers warranties also play a vital role in how long a roof can and will last./accordion-group]

Shield Roofing knows that our customers appreciate value. Our warranty policies directly reflect our commitment to elite craftsmanship and quality. We offer a no-hassle 10-year warranty on all roofs including labor. And for roof repairs we offer a 5-year no hassle warranty.

In most cases you have two options if you have to replace your roof. First is a total too renovation which involves tearing off all shingles and replacing the entire roof. Second is a re-covering your roof which involves a membrane and surface installation over the current roof if structurally allowable./accordion-group]

If you believe you have hail damage on your roof, first and foremost contact your insurance company so that an inspection can be done. Secondly, contact Shield Roofing for a free inspection of damage to your roof. If there are any findings that the insurance company did not find and Shield Roofing has you are entitled to a new inspection of your damaged roof where the adjustor and Shield Roofing will meet and go over your roof together.

Hail damage affects your roof in many ways. Because of the constant pounding by hail there is an acceleration of the grains that your shingles lose, which in turn ages the shingles much faster thus voiding the manufacturers warranties. If you note any damage like this call Shield Roofing immediately.

Hail damage on a roof shingle will look like a spot where the granulation of the shingle has been knocked off and the asphalt or fiberglass has been exposed to the elements. Fresh hail damage will be glossy in appearance because the underlying asphalt has not weathered. Look for these signs after a hail storm and contact a Shield Roofing professional today.

If you have experienced any damage by hail or other uncontrollable elements then by all means a financial loss has occurred. Your homeowners insurance is there to protect that large investment you have made into your home and subsequently should be there to replace a loss. (After all they do charge their premium) With the help of Shield Roofing your insurance company will be there to compensate for a new roof just for you!

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Stephanie & William Bennett - Kerville

” Fantastic roofing job at an affordable price. We used Shield Roofing as our primary contractor when we installed our new metal roof for our new house. These guys are dependable, honest and downright friendly. Recommended A+”

Robert Martinez - Alamo Heights

“I couldn’t have asked for better service! Shield Roofing went out of their way to handle all of my insurance claims when we needed a new roof, their roofers were always on time and finished the roof to my hail damaged house in no time at all! I definitely recommend Shield Roofing if you are ever in need of an honest roofing contractor in the San Antonio Texas Area.”

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“Fantastic work at a great price. On time, took the time to help me understand the insurance claim process and delivered results. I will use you again and recommend to anyone who may need a new roof or repair.”

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