Insurance Assistance

Call Shield Roofing for a FREE INSPECTION of your roof.

We make insurance claims and earning damages effortless in San Antonio and surrounding areas….

Has your roof ever sustained damages due to extreme weather conditions, hail, or storms? Then you may very well know how difficult it is to take your claim to the insurance companies and get them to pay up. No more!!!! Shield Roofing is right by your side whenever your construction undergoes roof damage due to natural calamity.

We offer immediate Insurance Assistance and make your interaction with the insurers smooth and productive. Not sure if you are up to speed on policies and claims? Take heart from the fact that You Are Not Alone in This. Many People Do Not Know the Intricacies of Insurance Claims and fail to optimize on their policy cover. Our experts will ensure that it doesn’t happen in your case!

Our Services

  • Thorough inspection of damaged roof
  • Navigation through insurance claim process
  • Negotiations to ensure a positive outcome
  • Construction of new roof

As you can see, we remain right beside you from start to finish, ensuring that everything again becomes exactly the way it was before damage to the roof occurred. Navigating the complex language of the contract and red tape associated with insurance claims is not possible for an average policyholder. Shield Roofing understands this very well. We use our knowledge of the insurance scenario as well as the working of the industry to bring successful results for our clients.

So, in order to increase your chances and get better results on insurance claims, contact us immediately whenever damage due to hail, lightning, or extreme conditions occur. It is important to get time on our side and make a strong, emphatic claim complete with irrefutable evidence regarding damage sustained. This is where our Insurance Assistance is incomparable.

How does it work?

  • You will call us for FREE roof INSPECTION
  • Upon identification of damage, sign a contract
  • Call insurer to file the claim (don’t forget to mention that we are going to be your roofing contractor)
  • Insurance adjusters schedules appointment with us
  • We join your insurer for property inspection
  • Agreement is reached based on policy cover
  • Insurer sends you coverage for damage
  • Our experts verify fair damage evaluation

After this, there is nothing else to do but begin the construction of your new roof. Our experts will contact you to discuss the different possibilities, offer suggestions and finally begin work based on what you would like us to do. As you can see, claiming insurance and finally getting it is a complex and intricate process, which is almost impossible for you to tackle on your own. You require dependable roofing experts working on your behalf. This is exactly what we aim to do at Shield Roofing.

So, do you have any questions or suggestions that you’d like us to give you on construction damage to your home or office? Do not hesitate, call us TODAY….

“Excellent Value, Excellent Quality, and Exceptional Customer Service”

Stephanie & William Bennett - Kerville

” Fantastic roofing job at an affordable price. We used Shield Roofing as our primary contractor when we installed our new metal roof for our new house. These guys are dependable, honest and downright friendly. Recommended A+”

Robert Martinez - Alamo Heights

“I couldn’t have asked for better service! Shield Roofing went out of their way to handle all of my insurance claims when we needed a new roof, their roofers were always on time and finished the roof to my hail damaged house in no time at all! I definitely recommend Shield Roofing if you are ever in need of an honest roofing contractor in the San Antonio Texas Area.”

Mark & Cindy Vargas - Stone Oak

“Fantastic work at a great price. On time, took the time to help me understand the insurance claim process and delivered results. I will use you again and recommend to anyone who may need a new roof or repair.”

Keith Harris - Shavano Park