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“Henry and his crew put on a roof that stood up to pleasanton’s golf ball sized hail storm of the century last week… While the rest of my neighbors replaced their roofing again with fly by night companies, I knew I did the right thing by calling SHIELD… High quality materials, and a crew that WILL NOT short cut…. Do it right or do it again, call shield and be done with it…”

“We were impressed with Shield Roofing from day one when Henry Hernandez stopped by our house to give us an estimate. He was prepared with all necessary documents, customer testimonies, insurance coverage, and provided a reasonable estimate. He was the only roofing company representative that showed up and followed through. The roofing work was completed as scheduled in a timely, professional manner, which exceeded our expectations. The yard and driveway area were left in clean and in a nail free condition. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend them for your roofing needs.”

Kim Stoddard San Antonio